Confidentiality Statement

Effective mental health and counseling work requires an atmosphere of privacy and mutual trust. We feel it is essential to discuss privacy and confidentiality at the beginning of services here so that a positive working relationship can be developed.

Stairway Counseling Services, LLC takes every reasonable precaution to protect your privacy and acts following professional, legal, and ethical guidelines established by the American Psychological Association for psychologists and the American Counseling Association for counselors. The Stairway Counseling Services, LLC maintains records of counseling sessions, assessments, and other professional contacts. Records are restricted to the internal use of Stairway Counseling Services, LLC’s professional staff. The records are kept in locked files in a secure, locked room within the Office. Appointments are scheduled on the computer using a software program that is secure and protected by passwords.

Visits to Stairway Counseling Services, LLC, are strictly confidential. Written or verbal information regarding your contacts with Stairway Counseling Services, LLC, is released only with your written permission. However, confidentiality is not guaranteed in the following unusual circumstances:

  • Situations involving imminent harm to yourself or others’ abuse of vulnerable individuals such as children or elders;
  • Unique legal situations (for example, subpoena of records, clients’ use of mental condition as a legal defense).

If desirable, the counselor or staff will discuss the procedures for this with you and enlist your assistance in resolution of the situation that has necessitated such a disclosure.